Water is a vital resource that is essential for all life. It is crucial that our communities understand its value and know how to protect it. Watershed awareness and water pollution are regional issues that require regional solutions with statewide support.

The Clean Rivers Coalition is comprised of partners whose organizations are committed to water quality and protection. Our partners understand the degradation impacts on watersheds from our cities and roads and almost 150 years without environmental regulations. In the past 20 years, we have been carving out a small and mostly disparate voice that attempts to inform the public about their personal impacts and ways to help. We have seen some improvements, but the CRC believes we can be larger, louder, and more unified. We want to help build a cultural identity around the protection of water.

Interest in developing a broad regional coalition was first initiated in November 2014. Several geographically-based partnerships currently collaborate on water quality education and outreach, and in 2016 several from various regions in the state began actively working together to form the “Clean Rivers Coalition”. The Coalition hosted several forums beginning June 2016 and most recently in October 2019, drawing representatives from over 60 organizations. An expanded, coordinated, and unifying education and outreach campaign is desired to add efficiency and effectiveness to our individual efforts. A strategy that connects regional messaging to local programs is needed in order for “behavior change” messages to be effective.

Surveys indicate that many people in our communities are not aware of the health of our rivers and streams, and some are not aware of our streams at all. We aim to develop a cultural connection between people and their local waterways, and to build an understanding of actions needed to protect water resources. 


Diverse communities are engaged in creating and enjoying clean water.


Build the bridge between clean water and healthy communities through education and engagement.

The CRC’s work within communities and across stakeholders strives to deliver water health education and outreach in an equitable, inclusive, and culturally appropriate manner that reaches and benefits diverse populations.

Steering Committee:

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