Hello all! It was quite a joy to see all of you who joined us at our virtual forum. We appreciate your input as we guide the Follow the Water website and social media towards the full launch to the public on May 1, 2022. (The presentations can be found on our Forum Page).

We had 75 folks join us at our forum, representing 10 Oregon cities, 5 Southwest Washington cities, 7 soil & water conservation districts, 11 counties (and regional governments), 7 watershed councils, 2 federal agencies, 3 state agencies, and 6 water-related non-profit organizations. We recognize what an intense time this right now, with Covid burnout, upsetting news from here and abroad, and everything else. Thank you for making time to join us! Your contributions and input is what makes this work.

Your knowledge as scientists, advocates, and educators is valuable! We will be collating the social media ideas and website resource ideas from the two breakout sessions. These will be curated by the steering committee and respective consultants for social media management and website management.

Would you like to participate in the new Social Media Content workgroup? Would you be interested to author a blog post or share a featured place for our website? Would you like to receive Follow the Water social media posts about pesticides through your organization’s social media? Here’s a Google Form to submit your interest!

Please follow the Follow the Water Facebook and Instagram page, and subscribe to the YouTube channel. We hope to have some followers there when we invite the public to join in!

Thanks for your support and energy to help make this a success!!!

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